Grand National Betting Online: What You Need to Know

17 June 2021
par Jason Sanin

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Betting on the Grand National can be one of the most fun parts of the year in sport. The excitement of the race and the drama of every jump is unmatched. Making the event even more fun is the ability to wager on the race online. In this guide to Grand National betting online, find out how to wager on this huge race. Also, learn some tips to making the best possible bets when you place your wagers.

Bookmakers to Bet on the Grand National

In April lot of Brits will get into Grand National betting online instead than through a brick-and-mortar, by desktop or by smatphone. This event is the most important horse race of the year, the good opportunity to open a new account online and enjoy the sign up offers. Lots of bookmakers give the possibility to use a promo code dedicate to the event. Which are the bookmakers to bet online during the Grand National?

How to Bet on Horse Racing

One thing is important to understand before getting in to Grand National betting online, one has to know how to bet on horse racing in general. By having some basic knowledge of the sport, you can do yourself a real favor when it comes to betting online with a bookmaker. Here are a few key things to keep in mind when betting on horse racing at all times.


Favourites in the Grand National are the horses deemed as the most likely to win the race. Through a series of criteria, players can be confident that these horses are seen as strong competitors to win the event. However, just because they are listed as favourites does not mean that they are always the right choices to take the crown. Therefore, favourites are not always the best bet in these races.

One of the reasons that a bettor might want to stay away from favourites is the relatively low payouts for them. Sure, these horses are seen as contenders to win. But if they do win, you won’t see as much money as if you had wagered on a horse with longer odds.


Underdogs, on the other hand, are a riskier proposition with higher potential rewards. These are horses that are seen as less likely to win the race. As a result, those who back underdogs might see their horses at more generous odds than favourites. And more generous odds mean more generous payouts if those horses come in as winners. As you can see, Grand National betting online is an art of striking a balance of likelihood to win and potential payouts. Too big an underdog and you may not have a chance to win. But too big a favourite and your win might not be worth as much as you’d hoped.

About The Grand National

As for the race itself, the Grand National is one of the wildest races in the sport of horse racing. The field is usually large, with dozens of competitors taking part. Those competitors have to complete a series of jumps across a run of nearly seven kilometers. That seven kilometers is run over a course of two laps around the track. During those two laps, each horse must complete 30 jumps. These jumps are challenging and often decide who wins the race. With horses at risk to fall or otherwise fail to complete the course, any horse can falter at any time. This is part of what makes the Grand National such a huge spectacle.

Best Places for Grand National Betting Online

There are countless options when it comes to where to bet on the Grand National online. These options can range from big name bookmakers to lesser known outfits. But the common theme throughout all of them is simple. The place you want to bet online with depends on a series of criteria. Your criteria is different than someone else’s, based on your personal preferences. Here are some examples of criteria for choosing a bookmaker.


Some bettors just want to be rewarded for choosing a specific betting site. With the Grand National being such a big event, a lot of bettors wager on it as a one-off. Those casual bettors may want to consider taking advantage of a bonus at a bookmaker site. This increases the amount with which a player can wager without additional risk being taken on by the player. These bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, and which one is right for you depends on what you want.

If you are someone who wants to receive a large amount of bonus money, that is possible. If you are someone who just wants a few free bets for some low-risk fun, that is also an option. Bonuses can be pretty flexible, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one that works for you.


Smart bettors know that odds can make a huge difference when it comes to sports betting. Small differences that may not appear to matter much can make a huge difference over the long haul. That is why finding a site with the best possible odds is extremely important to some horse racing bettors. After all, if you are going to win a bet online with all the excitement that comes alongside, you might as well get paid as much as possible for doing so.

To get an idea of what kind of odds each bookmaker has, you have to do some research. This can be done by going from site to site or by using an odds aggregation site. These sites take odds from various sporting events and compare them from site to site. This allows you to see which sites have the best odds in one easy location. In addition to being a huge time savings, seeing all of the odds on the same screen is extremely helpful.

This facet of wagering also depends on how much betting you plan on doing. If you are just there to do your Grand National betting online with your favourite betting site, you may not care as much about slight variations in odds as you would if you were going to bet on a vast number of events. As always, your priorities have to be weighted based on what you plan on doing.

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Grand National Betting Online: How-to Guide

Now that you have given some thought to where you might like to start Grand National betting online, it is time to do so. Betting online can seem complicated, but is not as bad as it seems. Here, you will find a few basic steps to setting up an account at a bookmaker. Also, you will learn how to start your Grand National betting online journey on a sports betting site.

Create an account

At every bookmaker site, the button to register for an account is extremely prominent on the home page. This is because they want you to be one of their players. Hitting that button at the site of your choice will send you through the registration process. Here, you will enter some personal information so the site can identify you. This seems like a lot, but is for your own benefit in the long run.

Once that information is logged, you can enter a bonus code and complete your registration in plenty of cases. That code can be used later to earn a bonus on your first deposit at some sites. At others, you can opt into a bonus of your choosing later in the process.

During the account creation process, players will also be asked to verify their identity. This can be done by presenting identification to a site electronically. This is done to make sure that you are who you say you are, and so you cannot be defrauded by someone who has gained access to your financial information.

Make a deposit

Now that you have an account at the bookmaker of your choosing, you can fund that account. Doing this ensures that you have money with which to wager online. Unfortunately, these websites do not allow you to bet before putting funds into your account. Just like you would not sell someone your car without getting some compensation up front, this makes perfect sense.

Making a deposit is easy at nearly all bookmakers. These sites serve large quantities of people for long periods of time. This means that they more than likely have a payment option that works for you. To verify this, it is smart to check each site’s list of payment options before creating an account at a site. Doing this will ensure that you can successfully deposit to a site in a way that you are financially comfortable with.

Most online sports betting sites accept common forms of payment. Included in their lists are things like credit and debit cards. Beyond that, though, these sites can take funds from popular eWallet services, bank transfers, and countless other options. These options are meant to help everyone find a way to make a deposit, so chances are that there is something for you.

When taking on this step of the process, keep in mind any bonuses you may want to obtain. If you entered a promo code during the registration process, be sure to make a deposit that fits with the terms and conditions of your bonus. If you have not yet entered a promo code, you may have a chance to do so when making your deposit. As long as you follow the terms and conditions of your desired promo, you should be in good shape here.

Place your bets

Finally, your account is created and funded. Now it is time to place some bets, the reason you came here in the first place. Grand National betting online is a great rush, as it makes the event even more exciting. And placing bets on the events you want to enjoy is extremely easy.

First, you can go to the sport of your choice by navigating the menu at the top or the side of the site you are on. These menus are usually separated out by sport. Once you select your sport, you can choose from a competition within that list of sports. Doing this will take you to a screen with odds for matches and events within that league or race. In this case, you will be at a screen with odds for the 2021 Grand National.

Once at that screen, all you have to do is select the horse or horses that you want to select for your wagers. Selecting your horses will put them onto what is called your betslip. At your betslip, you can review your selections to make sure they are what you want. If they are, you can enter a stake for each wager you want to make. This is another area where you will want to double check what you have entered. This is because once a wager is placed, there is no cancelling it. So if you accidentally enter the wrong bet or stake amount, that decision has to stand.

Now that you have gone through these steps, you are officially up and running! Sports betting online is a lot of fun, and once you are set up with an account you can focus on that fun permanently. You will be able to bet not only to the Grand national, but also on the Royal Ascot or on the Melbourne Cup.

Is Grand National Betting Online Safe?

As is the case with online shopping, or any other activity where money exchanges hands online, many people have wondered just how safe online betting really is. This is a fair question, as making sure that your finances and personal information are safe are all great ideas. Fortunately, players can rest assured that online wagering is extremely safe, something that should give everyone peace of mind as they play.

Betting sites have to be licensed in the countries where they operate, and are subject to regulation from a national gaming board. As long as you are using a reputable bookmaker, this means that your transactions are secure and they are compliant in all facets of the regulations set up by the countries in which they are licensed.

Once you are in, Grand National betting online can be a lot of fun, as you can place your bets without having to go to a physical betting window. As long as you do some research into which sites have the things that you need most, you should be set up to have a great time. And thanks to regulations around the world, you can rest easy knowing these sites are safe to use.

Online Streaming for Your Betting

Online bettors appreciate the live streaming to follow horse racing. Many operators offer the possibility to watch online the Grand National. Just creating an account and doing the first deposit, in a bookmakers site, you will have the access to the TV streaming.

EVENT DATES: 8th-10th April 2021
Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool

DAY 1: Thursday 08 April Liverpool’s NHS Day

DAY 2: Friday 09 April Ladies Day #FABULOUSFRIDAY

DAY 3: Saturday 10 April Grand National Day

Grand National Betting Online FAQ

Lear more about the Grand National betting in the FAQ section below.

How do I bet on the Grand National?

Betting on the Grand National online is extremely easy, you will have to navigate to the horse racing section of the bookmaker of your choosing. Then you will most likely look for a section about either National Hunt or just future races. There you will find Grand National.

Which bookies are paying 6 places on the Grand National?

It remains to be seen how many places bookmakers will offer on the 2021 Grand National, but last year 6 places were offered by Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, Coral, BoyleSports, BetVictor and Betfair’s sportsbook.

How much do I win each way bet?

How much you win depends on the placement (and your bet of course). If your horse wins the race you will be paid out both on the win as well as on the place. If your horse place any other placement up to the 6th place depending on the operator you will be paid 1/4 or 1/5th of the odds depending on the terms.

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