Grand National Odds: How to Evaluate and Compare Odds

30 April 2021
par Jason Sanin

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The most exciting sporting event on the calendar is almost upon us. The Grand National, the biggest betting event of the year, provides drama and excitement in abundance.

After the announcement of the official weights, betting for the National has been manic. Cloth Cap now sits atop the market, with steady money coming for Kimberlite Candy and Secret Reprieve. Whatever happens on April 10th, we’re in for another stunning renewal of this famous old race.

Winners SP at the Grand National 2021

We’ve looked to find the best available odds from leading bookmakers such as Paddy Power, in feature some of the top runners in the lead up to one of the most-anticipated horse racing events in the calendar.

Form: 20-122 / Official Rating: 146 / Weight: 10st 3lb / Age: 8 / Jockey:  Rachael Blackmore / Trainer: H De Bromhead
Minella Times SilkWinner at the Grand National 2021 
Form: -4764U / Official Rating: 152 / Weight: 10st 9lbs / Age: 10 / Jockey: A Coleman / Trainer: H De Bromhead
Potters Corner SilkFinished in position #2 
Form: 31-99P / Official Rating: 153 / Weight: 10st 10lbs / Age: 9 / Jockey: M P Walsh / Trainer: Ted Walsh
Any Second Now SilkFinished in position #3 
Form: 531-26 / Official Rating: 156 / Weight: 10st 13lbs / Age: 8 / Jockey: Mr P W Mullins / Trainer: Willie Mullins
Burrows Saint SilkFinished in position #4
Form: 1-5342 / Official Rating: 146 / Weight: 10st 3lbs / Age: 7 / Jockey: Jack Kennedy / Trainer: Mrs D Foster
Farclas SilkFinished in position #5


What to Look for in Grand National Odds?

One of the most important things about betting on the Grand National are Grand National odds. But the best odds in the world don’t mean much if you don’t know what to look for. Here is a quick rundown of what to look for in betting odds ahead of the big race.


Favourites in the 2021 Grand National, and other races, are deemed the most likely to win a race. As a result, those favourites receive the lowest payouts out of anyone in the field if they happen to win. Despite those low payouts, many bettors feel the need to back the favourites due to their relatively high win probability.


Once you get past the favourites, you start looking at underdogs. Unlike the horses at the top of the list of Grand National odds, these horses are about picking your spots. They offer higher payouts and are deemed less likely to win the race than the favourites. But if you have an eye for a good value, these horses can pay out handsomely and make you look like a genius in the process, great if you plan on becoming a specialist in Grand National betting tips.


Even deeper than the underdogs in the Grand National are the longshots of the race. These horses come at huge odds to win the race, and occasionally get the job done in shocking fashion. In fact, five horses have won the Grand National at 100/1 odds in the history of the race. When looking at Grand National 2021 odds, be sure to keep in mind the fact that these horses have a chance to win.

Exotic wagers

If you want to bet on more than just one horse, there are more exotic wagers available that can increase your potential payout. These wagers are, of course, harder to win. But the increased potential for a nice payout certainly makes them attractive to some bettors.

How to Navigate Grand National Odds

Now that you have an idea as to where the different horses in the Grand National will fall in terms of their odds, it is time to navigate through those odds to make the best possible wager. Doing this takes some research and a feel for the horses, as well as knowing about the Grand National itself. But putting this work in can result in a great payout when the race is complete.

Recent form

The field for the Grand National is usually massive, with dozens of horses competing for the title of champion. It can be hard to know how well all of the horses are doing, but finding that information is extremely important to having success betting on the race. Putting the work in to knowing the form of each horse is one of the best betting decisions one can make.

Why pay attention to recent form, you ask? That is because it is more valuable than looking at a horse’s complete body of work. For example, a horse can have nine wins and one loss throughout their career. If that one loss came in their most recent race, it looks very different than their only loss coming a long time ago. Knowing that information is crucial to making the best bets.

If you don’t have much time to look up form yourself, or you don’t understand it, why not look up some free betting tips for the Grand National. These could help find your betting selection.

Handicap performances

With the Grand National being a handicap race, it takes a very specific skill set to win. Horses are assigned a weight handicap based on their perceived abilities. This attempt to level the playing field across the board can have an adverse impact on the horses that are given the heaviest handicaps. Therefore, knowing how well each horse performs under handicap conditions is a good move. Specifically, knowing how well a horse does against a handicap similar to the one they will face in the Grand National is the way to go.

grand national betting odds

How to Get the Most Out of Grand National Odds

Now that you know about the different Grand National odds and what to look for before betting on them, you will want to get the best possible prices for the horse you want to back in the 2021 race. While there aren’t huge differences in odds between different bookmakers, small variations in odds can really add up over time. If you are someone who only bets on the Grand National, doing this will at least maximize the potential payout you can receive.

To get the most out of your Grand National odds, be sure to look at the odds at multiple bookmakers. This will let you compare the odds for each horse, so you can see which site has the best payout. From there, you can wager on your chosen horse at the site with the best payout. That way, instead of settling for whatever odds one site has to offer you may see a better payout elsewhere.

Also, there are plenty of sites that offer a best odds guarantee on horse racing. Typically, this means that you are able to receive the best odds that a horse was available for in the lead up to a race rather than being forced to settle for their odds at the time of the race. This is a nice perk, and is something you may want to look for when you wager on the Grand National.

Also, look up some Grand National betting tips, to find out where the best value bets could be. These tips won’t guarantee you a win, but can save you some time doing research, especially coming from an informed source.

Knowing the odds for the Grand National is an important part of the battle for someone looking to win a bet on the race. But knowing the Grand National 2021 odds and what goes into them is only a part of the battle. If you do a good job of handicapping the race, using that information to your advantage, your potential for victory is at its best.

Finding winners and placed horses like Tiger Roll and Magic Of Light can often be done by using trends. While the Grand National is a competitive, 40-runner cavalry charge, certain stats still stand out.

In the past 10 renewals of the Grand National, between 2010 and 2019, these are the things that stand out the most:

  • Age – there were 3 x 11-year-old winners, 2 x 10-year-olds, 2 x 9-year-olds and 3 x 8-year-old winners. The average winning age is 9 which seems to be when these horses peak.
  • Odds – winners ranged from 4/1 to 66.1 The average SP was 23/1, but taking out the two extreme prices the average winning SP was 20/1. Most winners are in the 10/1 to 33/1 bracket.
  • Favourites – just two favourites won; Tiger Roll at 4/1 in 2019 and 10/1 joint-favourite Don’t Push It in 2010.
  • Weights – winners carried between 10st 3lbs and 11st 9lbs. The average is just a tad below 11 stone, with the sweet spot being around 6lbs on either side.
  • Training Location – Ireland have taken 3/10, British trainers the other 7. Ireland’s victories have all come in the past four renewals and both include Tiger Roll.

Grand National Odds FAQ

What’s the odds on the Grand National?

The odds for the Grand National are fluctuating constantly. The interval will increase as we got closer to the event as experts go through the numbers just hours before the race. Which is why you should have a general outlook on the odds as well. We have listed our preferred bookmakers and ranked their odds for you to be able to choose the best one suited to you.

What are the odds for Cloth Cap?

At the time of writing Paddy Power lists Cloth Cap odds at 12/1 that seems to be close to what most bookmakers give. Remember to follow as odds change and look for offers giving best odds guaranteed.

How many lengths did Tiger roll win by?

Tiger Roll pulled clear at the elbow having made a late mistake to eventually score by 2¾ lengths from Magic Of Light. He was a strongly backed favourite to do the job again in 2020 before the race’s postponement.

EVENT DATES: 8nd-10th April 2021

DAY 1: Thursday 08 April Grand National

DAY 2: Friday 09 April Ladies Day #FABULOUSFRIDAY

DAY 3: Saturday 10th April Grand National Day

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