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Grand National Bet Calculator

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With many combinations of odds available for the Grand National, it’s rather tricky to figure out your wagers and the value of your potential payout. Lucky for you today, here’s a Grand National Calculator to take you through a more straightforward way of calculating odds and winnings.

Grand National Each Way And Free Bet Calculator

The Aintree race and betting go hand in hand, so it is useful to use a Grand National bet calculator that can save you time and effort when determining your possible returns.


Grand National Type of Bets

An each-way bet is a bet made up of two parts, a WIN bet and a PLACE bet. Details: Two bets of equal amounts are made; the first on a selection (horse) to win and the second on the same selection to place. A ‘win’ obviously means that the horse finishes the race first.

How to Use the Grand National Calculator? A Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Key in the amount of bet into the ‘Stake Box’.
  2. If you’ve made an ‘Each Way’ wager then mark off the box adjacent to ‘Each Way.’
  3. You should only input whole numbers in the ‘Stake Box,’ figures such as 10, 5, or 14. If you key in a decimal number like 6.50 the calculator will either round it up or down.
  4. Enter the odds you’re getting from the bookies in the Grand National odds calculator. Let’s say the odds are 22/1. So, in the two boxes adjacent to the ‘bet 1′ text, input ‘22′ in the first box and ‘1′ in the next box.
  5. Once you tap the ‘calculate’ button, your winnings will be displayed.
  6. The Grand National winnings calculator will add your stake back into your earnings automatically.

How Are the Bets Calculated?

The Grand National bet calculator utilises simple math to work out the payout of a bet. For example, if a single bet has 2.50 odds and a £20 stake, the payout would be 2.50 x £20 =£50. Multiple bets will first evaluate the odds by multiplying the odds of all selected bets together, then multiplied by the amount staked. It’s that simple.

Grand National Betting Calculator

Advanced Grand National Calculator Functions

These functions apply to bets with additional requirements. Some of the common types of advanced bet calculator functions include;

Free bet calculator

The free bet Grand National calculator lets you work out the payout from a free bet. It works by taking the odds of a particular free bet together with the stake you would like bet. The calculator then uses them to evaluate the ultimate payout of funds.

Accumulator & system bet calculator

An accumulator bet comprises 4+ individual single bets. Every unique selection must win for your bet to win. The odds of every particular wager are accumulated to provide probable earnings.

In that case, an accumulator having around 8 picks can be a hassle to figure out, and that’s where the Grand National winnings calculator comes in.

A practical example of how the accumulator bet works:

Let’s use an example of 4 picks. First of all, pick the accumulator selection, then enter the amount you would like to stake. After that, we go to the four picks that will form our wager. We go with Team A (3/5), B (11.1), C (7/5), and team D (3/4).

The bet is for all the teams to win. After entering all the stakes, the Grand National odds calculator will evaluate the earnings form this accumulator wager. From a £20 wager, Grand National winnings calculator would be £326.6. Not bad at all!

A system bet calculator, on the other hand, evaluates odds in a case where not every event takes place. An excellent example is when a match in your accumulator is postponed and in the case of horse racing, if your pick ends up being a nun-runner. As a result, the Grand National calculator will only do the math for the events that take place or horses that ran.

Betting odds calculator

This Grand National calculator can also be an exceptional odds conversion tool for you. The table below shows a comparison and conversion of the most common odds types:

Evens (2/1)3.0200

Taking the amount that you can win as n, let’s quickly summarise the various kinds of odds as shown:

  • Fractional Odds: The figure on the left side shows the amount you can win from a given stake S.
  • Decimal Odds: Decimal odds show the amount you can win from as stake of unit + your stake (n+1).
  • American Odds: Positive odds are multiples of 100 (n x 100). Negative odds are divisions of 100 (100/n)

Rule 4 calculator

A rule 4 deduction happens when winnings from your bet are reduced as a result of a horse being removed from the race. This is after your wager has been made.

Let’s say a horse pulls out of a race at the last minute, and the horse is announced a non-runner. The odds placed on any horse are based on every competing horse. When one pulls out, the odds change even if you’ve already made your wager.

Regrettably, for such a case the odds must get smaller lowering down your potential winnings. The amount to be subtracted from your winnings owing to rule 4 varies depending on the odds of the horse when it was pulled out.

Why Should You Use the Grand National Calculator?

We can all agree that scribbling down odds on a paper trying to work out the odds of your bets is quite hectic, right. The Grand National calculator can handle any calculations for payouts in seconds, and you won’t even break a sweat!

Moreover, with the Grand National calculator, you can evaluate a payout regardless of the types of odds offered at a given sportsbook. You simply pick the odds type on the Grand National odds calculator and key in the values of the odds a stake. More sophisticated calculations such as rule 4 functions and system bet functions can also be evaluated.

With this, users can work out payouts even on no-runner horses and multiple selections. Such kinds of bets are very tiresome to assess via old-fashioned pen and paper techniques. If you’d like to make your betting easier, this is a must-use tool for any sports enthusiast!

Bet Calculator FAQ

How do you work out each way bets?

Depending on if your horse wins or not you need to apply each way fraction on the original odds.

How much do I get for each way bet?

Again, it depends on the placements. If your horse wins, you will be paid for the win as well as the placement. If your horse places on any else position then you will have to apply the each way fraction.

How many places payout in Grand National?

That depends on the operator. Although for Grand National a lot of bookies are going all out and paying anything from 5 to 6 places.

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