Grand National Betting Offers 2021: Top Offers and Betting Advice

12 September 2020
par Jason Sanin

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You would be hard pressed to find a more exciting sporting event than the Grand National. With all of the jumps and drama that come with the race, it is no surprise that people love wagering on it. But even better than wagering on the Grand National is doing so while using Grand National betting offers. In this guide to Grand National offers 2021, find out what kinds of offers are available now and once we get closer to the race. Also, gain insight into what you can expect if you use such an offer yourself.

Grand National Betting Offers for 2021

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What Types of Grand National Betting Offers Are There?

There are a wide variety of Grand National betting offers out there. And those betting offers aren’t all the same. There are plenty of different types of Grand National offers to choose from. Here, get a closer look at the types of Grand National betting offers for 2021 that exist. With plenty of bookmakers offering these different specials, chances are there will be an offer right for you.

Welcome Bonuses

One of the most common forms of Grand National betting offers is the welcome bonus. With welcome promotions, bettors are given a bonus just for signing up for a site and making a deposit. These can vary in a number of different ways, but their premise is the same. If you sign up for a bookmaker that offers a welcome bonus, you will be given a reward for doing so.

The first type of welcome offer is a bonus worth a percentage of your initial deposit. These are often the types of promos that offer the highest amount of funds to new players. When making a first deposit using this bonus type, players will have their bonus amount calculated on the spot and added to their accounts.That makes the percentage welcome bonus a fast and easy way to get extra funds in your account.

For example, let’s say that a player makes an initial deposit of £100. And let’s say that deposit is eligible for a welcome bonus of 100%. That would mean that the player would be entitled to a bonus of £100 on top of the £100 that they deposited. Instead of starting their account with £100, they would see their bankroll doubled to £200. This is extremely convenient, as it can allow for a more patient wagering strategy or let players wager more aggressively if they choose to.

Another type of welcome bonus comes in the form of free bets. In this type, a player is usually awarded a pre-determined quantity of free bets after an initial wager is made. After that first wager, the free bets can be used on a number of different markets and sports. That is, provided that the wagers fall within the terms and conditions of the bonus offer. There will be more information on terms and conditions later in this guide.

Free bet bonuses tend to be less illustrious than their percentage bonus counterparts. The biggest reason for this is the fact that they offer a lower bonus amount. Where percentage welcome bonuses can be good for large percentages of an initial deposit, free bets often see themselves go for minuscule amounts by comparison. For example, a common free bet offer is the ability to bet £5 to win £30 in free bets. This is nice from a percentage point of view, but is lacking in the bonus amount department. A bonus like this is great for recreational bettors.

Bet Boosts

Welcome bonuses are a great way to take advantage of Grand National betting offers. However, there are other ways for bettors to enjoy a chance at some excellent offers for the Grand National. One such way is through bet boosts. These Grand National betting offers focus not on your first deposit and wager, but instead on individual wagers themselves. What they do is offer odds on the Grand National at enhanced odds to give bettors a better potential payout depending on what they pick.

An example of a bet boost would be a bookmaker offering a favoured horse at the same odds as one of the race’s underdogs. So you would see a horse that came in at 5/1 odds be boosted to 15/1 odds, or something to that effect. This would lead to bettors wagering on the boosted horse, giving everyone a chance to see a nice payout from the race just for backing the favourite.

Best Odds Guarantees

Some bookmakers claim to offer the best odds guaranteed on horse racing. This is a common claim, and often allows bettors to get the best possible value on their racing bets. While a best odds guarantee doesn’t mean that you get a favoured horse at longshot prices, what it does mean is that bettors can get good value on their horse even if they missed the window at which the horse was at its most profitable.

How these Grand National betting offers usually work is that bookmakers offer horses at their opening price if their odds become less favourable. This results in better possible payouts for the bettors, which means they have a chance to earn more with each race. When the alternative is having to settle for a worse price elsewhere, these Grand National betting offers make a lot of sense for many people.

Terms and Conditions for Grand National Betting Offers

Betting on the Grand National requires exemplary levels of attention to detail. When wagering using Grand National betting offers, attention to detail is required once again. This is thanks to the terms and conditions of these Grand National offers. Reading the terms and conditions of each offer is crucial, as the fine print can reveal just how friendly each offer will be to you. Here are some key components to remember about different terms and conditions.

Wagering Requirements

After signing up for a bookmaker’s site and making any deposits and necessary wagers, almost all promos are subject to a wagering requirement. These requirements make players wager their funds a specific number of times before they are eligible to be cashed out. This makes sense, as the bookmaker needs to make sure that you aren’t going to immediately withdraw your bonus without doing any wagering. But knowing how to navigate these requirements is a vital detail.

Let’s say, for example, that a site has a 20x wagering requirement on the deposit and bonus amounts for their betting offer. If you were to deposit £100 on that site, with a bonus of 100%, you would need to wager the combined total of £200 20 times. That would mean that you would need to wager £4000 in total to be eligible to withdraw your funds. This is manageable, but is something you should remain aware of at all times to make sure your wagers aid in completing that requirement.

It should also be noted that different sites have different wagering requirements. You are allowed to look at the requirements for any Grand National betting offers you are interested in. So doing some research on which sites have the most favourable bonus structures and rollover amounts is a great idea. Any bettor who uses a promotional offer should consider doing their research as well.

Deposit Amounts

Making a deposit is usually what triggers a betting offer, or at least plays a vital role in that process. But reading through the terms and conditions will tell you that not any deposit will do. Some Grand National betting offers require deposits that are worth specific amounts. This can come in the form of deposit minimums, maximum bonus amounts, and other forms. While it can be annoying to have to find all of this information out, failure to do so can cost you the promotion you wanted to claim.

Deposit minimums are exactly what they sound like. Bettors have to make a deposit of at least a certain amount in order to be eligible for whatever offer they want to claim. In the case of Grand National betting offers that are free bets, the minimum deposit amount is usually equal to the size of the bet that you need to place in order to trigger your bonus. As long as you make a deposit of at least that minimum amount, your promo should make its way to you without any problems. That is, unless the rest of the terms and conditions have more caveats to satisfy.

Maximum bonus amounts are the caps that bookmakers put in place when players look to take advantage of a betting offer. These tend to come into play with percentage deposit bonuses, especially with the more generous Grand National betting offers. When a site gives out a large percentage bonus, they frequently cap those bonuses at a specific amount. This lets them limit the amount that players can take in without wagering anything, while simultaneously providing plenty of additional funds to players.

Other Terms And Conditions

In addition to the important terms and conditions listed above, there are other items listed that are worth paying attention to as well. Some of those terms include things like offer expiration dates and who is eligible for the offer. This is another instance where reading all of the terms and conditions of any offer is a smart move. That way, you do not miss any of the requirements.

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How to Choose the Right Grand National Betting Offer

Now that you know what to expect when looking at Grand National betting offers, it’s time to pick one. There are several horse racing betting sites with interesting offers, but how to choose them? These offers regularly cannot be combined, making players choose their offer. When it comes to determining what the best betting offer is for you, there are lots of elements to consider. Here are a few of the most important things to think about when choosing a betting offer.

Betting Strategy

Believe it or not, your betting strategy has a lot to do with how you should approach choosing a betting offer. This is because your bankroll management is imperative to making your strategy work. And for it to work at its best, picking an offer that can help that to happen is key. Mainly, the level of stakes that you wager with is the key. That will go a long way in dictating which kind of betting offer is right for you.

If you are a high stakes bettor, you will probably be drawn to percentage welcome bonuses. These tend to offer larger maximum bonuses than other forms of welcome bonus, perfect for someone depositing an above average amount. These players will also be fans of the best odds guarantee Grand National betting offers that can give them more value on their bets.

More casual players will be content with free bet welcome promos. The manageable bet sizes will work perfectly with an amount that focuses on quality over quantity. While a percentage bonus could also work in this situation, it would not have the same impact for a player making a smaller deposit. Of course, what each player prefers is completely up to them.

Betting Frequency

How often a player places their wagers is another way that they can determine what kind of offers they like. Casual bettors who only bet on big events like the Grand National may want to get a bigger bang for their buck. This would call for a percentage bonus offer. Those who want to place bets over an extended period of time can go in any number of directions. Based on their preferences and the types of markets they like to bet on, the possibilities for these bettors is limitless.

At the end of the day, Grand National betting offers for 2021 are plentiful. In addition to the depth of options out there, there are options for different types of players. Before choosing a betting offer to take advantage of, be sure to ask yourself what you want to get out of a bookmaker. This simple question can help you determine what you want out of a site and its Grand National betting offers. No matter what you do, remember that these sites need to give you what you want and not the other way around. If you do that, you will give yourself the best possible chance at having a positive experience with Grand National betting offers.

Grand National Betting Offers FAQ

1. What are the current Grand National betting offers?

Currently we have not heard of any offers for the Grand National 2021 yet, but we will be sure to update our articles immediately when we get a hold of them for the race 2021.

2. What is an each way bet in horse racing?

Each way bet is technically two separate bets where you bet on winning and/or placements. The placements will depend on the terms of the bet but will usually be 4 to 6 places. If your horse wins you will be paid out for both the win and the “placement”.

3. Who has the best odds for the Grand National?

At the moment Tiger Roll has the best odds for the Grand National. Coming to the 2021 race as the first back-to-back champion since the 1970s it is no surprise that this runner is the favourite.

EVENT DATES: April 2021 

DAY 1: Thursday Grand National

DAY 2: Friday Ladies Day #FABULOUSFRIDAY

DAY 3: Saturday Grand National Day

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